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#KINCTips on Pinterest

There are over 250 million monthly active users around the globe using Pinterest ready to see your amazing products and offers. Since Pinterest is a highly visual platform, learning how to use high-quality Pins as part of your paid social campaign will put you on the road to success. Here are some bite-size tips on how to create amazingly designed Pins that perform well.


  1. Use compelling imagery to showcase your products.
  2. Streamlined, intentional design performs well.
  3. Lifestyle images are often more effective than product shots.
  4. Pins with multiple images or a variety of products see higher engagement.
  5. It is essential that your Pins are fully optimised for the mobile space.
  6. Use eye-catching images with the right ratio.
  7. Leverage text overlay
  8. Video Pins are great for how-tos, storytelling or showcasing a product in use.
  9. Branded content on Pinterest can provide credibility and promote action.
  10. Avoid excessive hashtags in your Pin design.

The main thing to remember is that it is vital to tweak your campaigns according to your audience’s needs and preferences. In order to lead a successful Pinterest marketing campaign in 2020, use promoted pins at their full potential by adapting your posts according to your budget, product and audience.

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