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COVID-19 Help and Working From Home

Hi All,

By now, you've all been well acquainted with the changes to our lives and the way we work, mostly that we're now stuck in our homes as offices trying to keep our livelihoods going.  Working from home is a challenging task even for some among us who've been doing it a while, but there are some hacks that we've found work for us having been working in this way for quite a few years now.  

Conversely, at Kreo Inc, we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes strategising and developing products and services to help with tailored products, services and most importantly, relaxed pricing to meet our customers at a place where we can be of service and help them with their cashflow and we hope to work with each and everyone of you that need specialised help during these unprecedented times.

Working from home and keeping on top of social distancing measures is an important way to minimise the spread of COVID-19. Kreo Inc has been making use of Facetime, Google Hangouts, Zoom & Skype to keep in contact with new, existing clients and colleagues and we are self isolating as we believe this is of broader benefit to the greater population as we have elderly family members in our lives and protecting ourselves and them is of utmost importance.  We know these measures won't be around for the long haul, but taking a moment to adjust and identify different ways of working are what we encourage you to also consider.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will continue to monitor the situation, however until such time these conditions change, we will be working from isolation and keeping all interactions remote until further notice.  We thank you all for your understanding and we too applaud those currently working under these new conditions.

In the interests of helping some of you understand how Kreo Inc is tackling the current situation, below we've summarised the top 5 things you should be thinking about implementing into your day to help you through lockdown:

1. Keep a consistent schedule, the biggest killer of your time when working from home is not being disciplined.  If you're used to getting up in the morning and then having breakfast before your 45 mins - 1hour commute, use that time you'd normally commute to pop out for a brisk walk with the family or furry baby, it's a great way to get the body moving, your thoughts focused and inject some of that all important oxygen into your system before a big day.

2. Discipline is integral now more than ever before, remember that meetings, appointments and scheduled activities in the workplace should be treated no differently when working from home, so it's important you maintain your diary and schedule accordingly.  Planning your meetings via online web conferencing tools is a great way to maintain that human connection and to keep you connected to your teams, staff and vendors.

3. Cultivating positivity and keeping optimistic is integral in maintaining a healthy mindset.   We have seen a lot of negative news creep into our minds through social media and news sources, it's important you find the balance that works for you and to understand that cultivating positivity is an ongoing, moment by moment task, it isn't a set and forget activity and through practice it becomes second nature.

4. Remember to be kind and gentle on yourself and those around you.  You and we are all going through a challenging time, developing your own self awareness is critical in ensuring your thoughts, feelings and actions are in perfect alignment with your stated intentions and you're conscious of them, often times this aspect is forgotten when we are in a fearful state and this state disempowers us and cripples us of any good and any forward progress and momentum.  Keep centred, manage your state and practice kindness as best you can!

5. Remember to take out time to move your body and to exercise. You're going to be spending a lot of time with yourself around other people, but it's vital for the management of any stress and anxiety that you find a way to isolate yourself by taking up an activity that you do for your self.  Going out for a walk on your own is a good way to do this as is finding time to meditate first thing in the morning, whatever activity you decide, remember to be mindful and fully present doing so.

6. Dressing like you're going into the office is a key way to prime your mindset and ensure you maintain levels of quality standards when interacting with your teams and most importantly clients.  We understand it's easy to adopt a very relaxed approach working from home, but we have found we get way more into the 'groove' when we are well groomed, dressed appropriately (perhaps drop the suit, shirt and tie for a polo shirt) as you are projecting this image to your teams and customers and it too reflects your professionalism.

We are open, business as usual and invite you to get in touch to explore any of our services to discuss how we can help you along with any projects, challenges or any / all of your website and social media needs.

We're here to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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