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Over the years Initium Haus has worked with and supported some awesome businesses locally and internationally

Our Specialties

Beginners are our specialty as we help them on their way to achieving greatness, choose from a service below to help you on your journey


A few words from our customers

Don’t you just love it when you meet people and you instantly click! This is exactly how I felt when meeting Maggie and her husband Chris from Initium Haus (Previously Kreo Inc.)  WOW just wow they captured my attention from the get go.  Having travelled all the way from Port Lincoln to Sydney with my manager Leonie for the Reed & Gift Fair in Feb 2020, shopping up a storm for Kallinyalla Garden Centre, we had limited time to see and do everything we wanted!

Shopping was fun, don’t get me wrong but my creative mindset needed help when it came to building a new Shopify website for Leonie’s dream fashion business…..Kallinyalla Kurves. Hands down the best 2 hours were spent with Kreo Inc’s Shopify workshop for beginners. 

The information / content was clearly spelt out and our hands on workshop with other participant waere made to feel comfortable and empowered.  Honestly we learnt so much within those couple of hours and valuable information / resources!! We still talk about this workshop! Leonie and myself can not thank Maggie & Chris enough, the information provided enabled us to build a brand new website over a period of a few months!  There were the odd question or two, and you guys had our back the whole time and still do…THANK YOU! It just goes to show anything is possible if you put your mind to it. 

If you need help with any marketing Kreo Inc. is your number one biz to go to or if your feeling stuck and need inspiration hit them up to help you!

Sarah Radford - Kallinya Kurves -

Womans Fashion Boutique

They helped drive my business into the next stratosphere

They transformed me as a business owner

And helped develop my team as the members grew

All to transition from a small business to a medium business from a bricks and mortar to completely online shopping and marketing experience.

I was such a fan girl seeing all their work, seminars and influence, but once I'd met them was blown away by how much they genuinely care and their total realness and relatability.

Words can not express how grateful I am to of had them come into our journey at such a pivotal point. Without them we would not be who or where we are today.

3 years of working so closely side by side like family, giving me the guidance with confidence and the tools to ensure my vision came to fruition.

But what I absolutely love is their out of the box extraordinary way of thinking, major light bulb moments and mind blowing concepts, these 2 are beyond the generic standard.

They should really come with a warning label, of sparking an addictive enthusiasm to the craft, with their passion, expertise and kindness, my team was so extremely motivated after every meeting, interaction and brain storming session, we would come away buzzing hanging to get our teeth into the next project.

Our work relationship developed to genuine wholesome friendship that I will always treasure. Time after time they proved their core values and I trust them beyond all measure.

They were there during the darkest and frightening hours with support and friendship, and they were there celebrating every success cheering with champagne.

Having someone to bounce off, someone to turn to was such a relief, for every question or issue they had an answer or a place to turn. They have the skills to navigate every challenge present and forecasted, and they understood me as the business owner.

Maggie and Chris have no limits to their abilities, all aspects of my business were dissected and refined to total efficiency and profitability.

Melissa Stone

Australian Based Online Homewares and Gifts Store.

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